Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sushi For Breakfast

This week on Breakfast Television (CITY-TV) the show highlights one Folklorama Pavilion per show, Tuesday's theme was Japan . Adrienne Silver did her on-site piece at the Children's Museum attempting to make and fly a "Japanese"-type kite. Her giddy, obviously caffeine fueled personally fits in perfectly with the Children's Museum, possibly a future job opportunity if her CITY-TV gig disappears.

Junior Ambassador, Alex Miki was in studio with resident funny man host Jon Ljungberg demonstrating Origami. Sending a 13 year old kid alone to a television show without any instruction or preparation is kind of irresponsible on behalf of the Folklorama organizers, but it may have been out of their control. Why are we the only Pavilion with only 3 Ambassadors, instead of the standard 4? You'd think that we would have known better from last year's experience with only Brian Kawakami and Alex Allen as our lone representatives. Alex presented herself very well despite finding out minutes before being on camera that she would have to do a live Origami demonstration.

Outside the studio, Mitsuko Miyamoto spoke to Ljungberg during a Kendo demonstration. She too was given short notice she would be doing this early morning TV spot, but she spoke smoothly and informatively. Full marks to Ljungberg for both interviews as he seems to allow his guests to feel comfortable on camera. He's done other spots for the Japanese Pavilion and Asian Heritage Month, and he seems to have a genuine interest in Japanese culture.

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