Monday, November 03, 2008

I Don't Like Mondays

Usually I love Monday's because I have the day off from work, but I'm beginning to hate Monday's because of some recent car issues. About three weeks ago, I had my car ticketed and towed while parking downtown (ticket $30 + tow w/taxes $70= $100) and this morning when I went to the car I discovered that someone smashed the small backseat window on the passenger side! As you can see in the photo there was glass in the backseat and on the curb and boulevard. Further investigation, judging by all the papers and bags sprawled on the floor, indicates this person was probably searching for cash or anything of value because the ignition wasn't tampered with. Fortunately, there was no cash (except small change) or anything valuable (I removed my sunglasses yesterday) besides books, maps and receipts and the outdated stereo was untouched. It could have been worse, it happened on the warmest November day ever (I have no data supporting this claim), so driving with an open window was no problem and walking to and from the glass replacement place was pleasurable. It's more of an inconvenience more than anything and the 200 dollar deductible (actual cost $206) burns me. I'm sure the perpetrator must have been pissed off finding nothing to steal and cutting their hand for their trouble (judging by the blood stains on the seat, parking brake, on the inside doorhandles and in the glove compartment). Maybe we're better off not locking our car doors and not leaving anything of value inside and relying on the Club or an immobilizer to prevent theft...sounds logical.