Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I Want Candy! Happy Halloween

Though I'm too old to go out for Halloween and I hate wearing costumes, I still do enjoy the idea of Halloween. I always buy way more candy than I'll give away and I'm sure to check out the half price sale on candy the day after. Since the kid's have finally outgrown going out, I now have to split the profits..I mean the left-overs. They used get enough junkfood to last them until at least Christmas and that's with them eating the stuff at school, after school and before school. Now they can be more selective and if they want more than what's left, they'll have to buy it themselves.

Oh well, I better turn off the lights and horde the rest!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Geoff Live @ NHD 9-23-07

This is the last of the Nikkei Heritage Day postings, thankfully I can move on to more recent activity after this. The afternoon concluded with a short set from me, I hadn't played anywhere for over a year so I was a little hesitant to perform in front of such a mixed audience (young and old). I was excited with the idea of trying out some new songs and a few recent ones that I have only played a couple of times. It felt pretty good, starting is always the hardest part and once you overcome nerves the rest will fall into place. My set was kind of cut short as you'll hear between track #7 and 8 when I was told "last song", I was able to squeeze in 3 Zamboni Joe hits. I'm hoping to find some gigs soon, hopefully to more of an appropriate crowd that will tolerate "depressing downer" songs and it would be great to reform the band. Let me know what you think.

1. Intro
2. Mayor Of Funtown
3. Do You Think I'm Angry?
4. Sliding Backwards (new)
5. Demise Of You
6. Remind Me To Kill Myself Again
7. Things To Say (new)
8. Cassie Says
9. Dead Hippies
10. Reminds Me Of Cathy

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Shayna @NHD 9-23-07

Here are some songs that Shayna Paulicelli performed, a variety of covers that showcase her versatile vocal range. I only posted 4 of the 7 songs she performed as I didn't officially get her permission to post her live recording. Here's some news, I heard that Shayna is recording an album and it may be available before Christmas, if not, early 2008. Watch this blog for further details when they become available and again if you want a recording of the complete afternoon show, let me know in the comment section...remember I recorded this from my minidisc recorder, so don't expect multi-microphone/soundboard sound quality.

Another note: Shayna is singing karaoke-style. (her live vocals + pre-recorded music)

A Moment Like This (Kelly Clarkson)
Valentine (Martina McBride)
Heaven (Bryan Adams)
Broken Wind

Monday, October 01, 2007

Jesse live @ NHD Arts Fest 9-23-07

As promised I'm posting most of Jesse's set (all but the first song) from the Nikkei Heritage Arts Fest. If you want to listen, click and your computer media player will hopefully play the track, if you want to download the songs and store it on your hard-drive, right-click and save as...I will upload Shayna and my set as well, but if you want the complete show (all 3 acts!), leave your name in the comment section and I'll arrange to get you a copy, but first have a listen as it might not be your taste in music. Like it or hate it? Let me know.


JESSE MIKI "Manitoba Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre"
Winnipeg, Manitoba
September 23, 2007

Calling For (w/Alex)
Pathway To The Moon
Johnny Johnny Ooo Ooo
Wet Ground
Tragic Mirror

Nikkei Heritage Day Arts Festival... Last Week

Sorry to take so long to the report on Nikkei Heritage Day, it took place last Sunday, but I was busy compiling photos and editing sound samples. It was a fine turnout despite the gorgeous weather outside and I think that everyone that attended had a good time. The art was great, the music was eclectic and the snacks were exquisite.

Artists that displayed pieces were (let me know If I forget anyone); Brynne Takeuchi, Helen Miyata, Toki Orui, Misako Rothery, Karlene Stubbs, Miwako Hoppe, Shawne Collins, Geoff Miki, and Brandis Johnasson.

For entertainment, music was provided by Alex and Jesse Miki (vocals/solo electric guitar), Shayna Paulicelli (pop vocalist) and Geoff Miki (vocals/solo acoustic and electric guitar). Sumi Saito provided the amazing cake/cookies and Valerie Hoshizaki-Nordin prepared the veggy/cracker/cheese platers. Thank you to everyone that attended and contributed, I'm hopeful next year will be bigger and better. Actually next year will be the 20th anniversary of Redress, so communities across Canada are planning BIG celebrations to commemorate this historic date.

Tomorrow I will post some musical highlights from Jesse, Shayna and Geoff, so stay tuned!