Friday, September 21, 2007

N.H.D. Update

Just added to the entertainment festivities for Nikkei Heritage Day on Sunday is singer Shayna Paulicelli. You may remember Shayna from Folklorama at the Japanese Pavilion where she sang for 5 nights during the week. You will have the opportunity to hear her sing more than two songs and I'm betting they'll be in English, not Japanese. The afternoon music extravaganza will also feature solo sets from Jesse and myself. I haven't played anywhere for over a year, so it should be interesting. The last time I performed at the Manitoba Japanese Cultural Centre was with my band Zamboni Joe with Cheryl and David for "Art and Sushi " from November 2001.

Schedule: (times are tentative)
2:15 Jesse Miki
3:00 Shayna Paulicelli
3:45 Geoff Miki

The other component to the Art's Festival is the art show, contributions are still being received and the show will be set up early Sunday, if you want to put something into the show, drop it by the MJCCC on Saturday. My first passion is still art and I plan to submit a couple of pieces. In case you don't know, the only subject matter I have tackled in the past 10 years is hockey and in the past I have had a couple of shows featuring art that is hockey-related. I know I should spend more time on my art, but music and my computer addiction has prevented me from pursuing this activity. Anyways, hope to see lots of people come out on Sunday, there are many talented people in the arts in our community and you owe it to yourself to see who these people are. The art should be interesting and the music will be diverse and did I mention that Sumi will provide some desserts? Sounds tasty!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Come Celebrate Nikkei Heritage Day This Sunday!

Sorry for the lack of posts so far in September, I could provide you with a whole bunch of bull-shit excuses, but to be honest it is just laziness on my part. One event I'm gearing up for is Nikkei Heritage Day Arts Festival, this Sunday September 23rd at the Manitoba Japanese Cultural Centre from 2:00pm-4:30pm. Nikkei Heritage Day commemorates the date of the signing of the redress agreement on September 22, 1988, across Canada the JC communities host some kind of event on or around this date.

This year's Arts festival will feature paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, and live music. Should be a good time, Jesse Miki and myself will provide the live music and I'm even submitting some art. There must be other musicians or performers in our community besides us, so please let me know if your talent is wasted away in your bedroom or basement and you would like to's not too late! Besides the art, there will be a vast array of goodies for the palate such as cake, cookies, fruit and the usual non-licenced beverages (coffee, tea, cold drinks).

So if your not raking leaves or watching football on Sunday afternoon, stop by for a look and listen, it might be your last chance to hear me sing and you might find a great piece of art.