Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Beer Drinking Dancer Tells All!

What she said can only be seen by Shaw Cable subscribers, unfortunately for me I'm paying the big bucks to MTS TV and forced to watch Jim Ingebrigtsen programming his VCR, on continuous loop ...damn! Actually Shaw TV's Tracy Koga dropped by the Japanese Pavilion, herself dressed in Kimono, to capture the sights and sounds of Folklorama. She spoke to a numerous volunteers including performer/Entertainment co-chair Sumi Saito. As a member of the Aurora Dance Group, Sumi for the second straight night, appeared in three different dances per show ( 3 shows a night!) as well as the show finale, "Ejanaika", which includes all the performers of that show. The tireless Saito credits good beer and great genes as dad Shig performs double duty, with a dance on 5 nights (see yesterday's post) and as a member of Hinode Taiko who perform every show this week.

The Japanese-Canadian community in Winnipeg is blessed to have so many talented performers and singers, tonight the Asian Idol winner from last year Shayna Paulicelli had the audience mesmerized with her soft, delicate, yet powerful voice. She has been involved in musical theatre for the past 7 years and that is very evident in her stage presence, connecting with the audience with her facial expressions and body movements, she's quite cute as well, so that helps. Personally I would like to hear more from Shayna, perhaps in english and maybe a little more upbeat. She is performing in a musical in February '07, try to see her perform, as I think she has lots of potential.

All in all another fine night, not to full capacity yet, but the crowds should grow as the week rolls along.

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Anonymous said...

Geoff's a liar, the tired Saito doesn't drink beer even though the picture seems to prove otherwise.