Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dancing the Week Away.

It's Friday night, and it's time to come to Folklorama! This was especially true at the Japanese Pavilion as the crowds finally came in full force. The 8:15 show (second show of the night) was probably the largest crowd of the week! The stands were full, all the seats at the tables were taken and there was only standing room in the back. The first show was also well attended and the last show (9:45) had the largest audience of the late shows. If only the Pavilion was open next week as well, as the second week traditionally draws bigger crowds. As far as next year goes, I'm not sure what the plan is for next year, I'll ask around and see what I can dig up.

The Aurora Dance Group performed a variety of numbers as they were split into two groups. Sumi and Mitsuko combined impeccably together for a dance, without Shig, on the combined piece with Taiko as well as a visually beautiful dance with pink flappy ribbons, that had camera's a' flashin'. Wow!! The rest of Aurora swept gracefully through a scarf dance that captured the quiet elegance of Odori dance.

Shayna seems to get better every night, if that's possible. I listened carefully tonight and I'm blown away of how she can hold a note. She sings so effortlessly and with 12 performances for the week after tomorrow, I'd have to say she's mastered the song. Shayna will have a chance to perform this Japanese song again at the MJCCA Gala on September 30th and possibly Nikkei Heritage Day, September 24th. Check this blog for more updates.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff!
This is shayna! Wow I would just like to say that i had a great time at the pavilion! Met some great people and had so much fun performing! I would like to thank you for inviting me back to perform again! Its such a great experience to be apart of my culture! Thanks so much!

binky said...

Thanks Shayna!

You should be proud of how you handled yourself all week, It was a thrill to hear you sing! Looking forward to your next performance, keep in touch. Keep checking back for semi-daily updates.