Thursday, August 10, 2006

Only Three More Days to Go!

We are now past "Hump Day", the midway point, so I'm sure the rest of the week will fly by quickly. Wednesday night's 6:45 show was packed, a capacity crowd of well over 500 people, witnessed another fine show from the Japanese Pavilion.

The early show was similar to last night's, with the exception of Shayna Paulicelli singing instead of Brent. Shayna once again sang beautifully, as she captivated the audience with her flawless performance (I should find out the name of the song). The lovely Connie Tamoto from Global Television was the Master of Ceremonies and she moved the festivities along very smoothly with her usual professionalism. Birthday wishes went out to 50-something Shig Saito, who has to be one of the fittest guys his age I know. In celebration he performed with Hinode for all 3 shows, but left Sumi and Mitch to fend for themselves on their combined piece with Taiko.

During second and third shows of the evening, the Manitoba Kendo Club performed a demonstration to the sounds of Hinode Taiko and their song "Odaiko". The Taiko drums provide a drama building soundtrack as the piece integrates the music and movements well together, especially the sparring between the two armored combatants. More Martial Arts tomorrow, Judo!

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