Monday, August 14, 2006

A Look Of Pain Or Pleasure?

Is the look on Pavilion Co-ordinator David Murata's face describing how he felt during the week of Folklorama? Is he having a good time or is he in a great deal of pain? Actually, it was the audience that was in pain, enduring his stinging rendition of "Just the Way You Are", that sap dripping song by Billy Joel. Yes, he is partaking in the fine tradition of song butchering, also known as Karaoke.

The highlight of the Volunteer Appreciation party on the last night of Folklorama is fast becoming the Karaoke party, which gives everyone an opportunity to show why they are NOT part of the main stage show. It's quite entertaining actually, seeing grown adults living out their rock'n'roll fantasy on stage, complete with lights and big sound. You know people are enjoying themselves when they don't need an over indulgence of alcohol to get up the courage to sing. I know with me it helps cause I never made it up on stage til well after most people left, I guess 2am is kind of late. To be honest some singers were really good, the duets were the best, but the larger groups were often hard to bear mainly because only one or two people had mics and everyone couldn't see the TV screen with the lyrics.

To compliment the entertainment, our cook Sergio (who did an excellent job all week in the Volunteer room keeping the troops fed all week!), served up some tasty treats highlighted by a large portion of roast Pig. It was nice way to wind down this stressful, yet strangely enjoyable week full of non-stop excitement, well maybe for some.

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