Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mayor Sam Needs Your Help!..actually, not your's

A couple of headlines caught my interest in the local papers today, "High Profile Katz Boosters", in the Winnipeg Sun and "Mayor gets Celebrity Help" in the Free Press. In case you can't link to these articles, Mayor Sam Katz announced that Canadian champion curler Jennifer Jones and Grammy Award nominated hip hop artist Fresh IE will be his honorary campaign co-chairs for his upcoming re-election bid this fall. Katz said their roles will be largely "ceremonial" and that he will rely on them for advice and they will accompany him to campaign events along with having their names and photos on campaign promotions.

I know politicians love having the endorsement and support of athletes, celebrities and musicians, but naming them as "honorary" campaign chairs reeks of a desperate cry for attention. Let's see we have Fresh IE, a multi-racial christian hip hop artist whose life sunk deep into substance abuse and crime before it was turned around by finding god and creating music. A perfect role model for the less-advantaged demographic that Katz would like us to think he cared about.

Then we have Jones a very good looking blonde champion athlete who combines amateur (pro?) sport with her professional career in the Law field. Wow! what young voter wouldn't aspire to those lofty goals she set for herself? Hey, if they support Sammie, he must be the man for ALL of the people! Other possible recruits to the Katz celebrity party.... How about a former Jet, everyone loved the Jets, how about Thomas Steen? He has had some ties with Salisbury House, another Katz associated business and how about Mr. Sals himself Burton Cummings, he's always looking for publicity. Hey, didn't Katz give the key to the city to Brad Pitt? Wait, actually I think that was Shannon Doherty. Is this transparent attempt to be popular by association necessary? Judging by his competition this election, one wonders if he really needs to say or do anything at all. We have journalist activist Kaj Hassalriis, who I've never heard of before and 62 year old Ron Pollock, who is best known as former mayoral candidate/trash-ebrity Natalie Pollock's creepy brother. I've never been a Katz fan, he seems like the wimpy kid that got his ass kicked in Jr. High, who seeks personal vengeance by being a bully businessman and his most gratifying revenge of all, the Mayor of the town.

I'm sure Sam has good intentions and just wants to add some interest to this lame upcoming civic election. I suppose it could be worse, Natalie Pollock still has time to name her candidacy for Mayor, right?

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