Friday, August 11, 2006

Flipping Fantastic!

Day 5 featured a first and a few lasts for the week. Judo made it's first appearance of the week filling the slot occupied by Kendo and Dance, performing along side Hinode Taiko. Much like Kendo the previous night, Judo was a one on one sparring, exchanging flips and manoevers to the battle beats of Taiko. The two fighters are members of the University of Manitoba Judo Club, under the guidance of Wayne Yamashita and David Oye.

Thursday was the last night to see the Kaede Dancers as the Aurora Dancers round out the week on Friday and Saturday. Brent Hirose also performed for the last time for Folklorama this year. His outstanding vocal talents were greatly appreciated this year and he was such a trooper to take on learning a song in Japanese over just a few days. Look for Brent to perform more songs at the MJCCC Gala dinner at the end of September as well as possibly participating (acting, music or art?) in the Nikkei Heritage Day show on September 24th.

Art Miki emceed for the second time, I honestly can't remember the last year he wasn't a MC during Folklorama. His experience is priceless and with his knowledge of the J.C. community, it is always a comfort when he is on stage.

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