Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hot On The Outside, Cool On The Inside

Yes, it was another 30+ degree day in Winnipeg, but you wouldn't know it inside of Sisler High. The air conditioning kept the Gym cool, but the entertainment continued to heat up with one major change to the line-up, the Kaede Dancers. It's the 18 and under dance group led by Carol Matsumoto, and they performed 2 pieces a show. They will continue to do so until Thursday, as the Aurora Dancers return Friday. Kaede's dances are a visual treat, bright pink Kimonos, fans, cherry blossom branches, umbrellas and little cute kids, what more can you want?

Brent Hirose returned for his second night and turned in another stellar performance. Mitsuko Miyamoto kept things rolling with her easy going M.C. stylings as well performing in that high energy dance again with Shig and Sumi.

Opening and rounding out every performance during the week is Hinode Taiko. During their last piece during the last show, a lady in front floor centre unleashed a series of extra bright flashes from her camera. She was warned about the possible hazard it can pose to the Taiko performers, as that piece involves a succession of spins and well timed manuovers involving the whole group on stage. It's one thing to take one or two flash photos (I'm as guility as anyone), but to unleash a rapid fire flash is rude and dangerous. Later in the week I'll write a more in depth piece on Hinode and their legendary status as the Japanese Pavilion's "house band".

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