Monday, October 01, 2007

Nikkei Heritage Day Arts Festival... Last Week

Sorry to take so long to the report on Nikkei Heritage Day, it took place last Sunday, but I was busy compiling photos and editing sound samples. It was a fine turnout despite the gorgeous weather outside and I think that everyone that attended had a good time. The art was great, the music was eclectic and the snacks were exquisite.

Artists that displayed pieces were (let me know If I forget anyone); Brynne Takeuchi, Helen Miyata, Toki Orui, Misako Rothery, Karlene Stubbs, Miwako Hoppe, Shawne Collins, Geoff Miki, and Brandis Johnasson.

For entertainment, music was provided by Alex and Jesse Miki (vocals/solo electric guitar), Shayna Paulicelli (pop vocalist) and Geoff Miki (vocals/solo acoustic and electric guitar). Sumi Saito provided the amazing cake/cookies and Valerie Hoshizaki-Nordin prepared the veggy/cracker/cheese platers. Thank you to everyone that attended and contributed, I'm hopeful next year will be bigger and better. Actually next year will be the 20th anniversary of Redress, so communities across Canada are planning BIG celebrations to commemorate this historic date.

Tomorrow I will post some musical highlights from Jesse, Shayna and Geoff, so stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Nice paintings... wish I could have made the show.


p.s. don't know why but I cannot get into my blogger account