Thursday, October 04, 2007

Geoff Live @ NHD 9-23-07

This is the last of the Nikkei Heritage Day postings, thankfully I can move on to more recent activity after this. The afternoon concluded with a short set from me, I hadn't played anywhere for over a year so I was a little hesitant to perform in front of such a mixed audience (young and old). I was excited with the idea of trying out some new songs and a few recent ones that I have only played a couple of times. It felt pretty good, starting is always the hardest part and once you overcome nerves the rest will fall into place. My set was kind of cut short as you'll hear between track #7 and 8 when I was told "last song", I was able to squeeze in 3 Zamboni Joe hits. I'm hoping to find some gigs soon, hopefully to more of an appropriate crowd that will tolerate "depressing downer" songs and it would be great to reform the band. Let me know what you think.

1. Intro
2. Mayor Of Funtown
3. Do You Think I'm Angry?
4. Sliding Backwards (new)
5. Demise Of You
6. Remind Me To Kill Myself Again
7. Things To Say (new)
8. Cassie Says
9. Dead Hippies
10. Reminds Me Of Cathy

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Anonymous said...

I haven't had time to listen to them all but of course I did listen to 'Dead Hippies'.

Have you considered printing lyric sheets?