Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I Want Candy! Happy Halloween

Though I'm too old to go out for Halloween and I hate wearing costumes, I still do enjoy the idea of Halloween. I always buy way more candy than I'll give away and I'm sure to check out the half price sale on candy the day after. Since the kid's have finally outgrown going out, I now have to split the profits..I mean the left-overs. They used get enough junkfood to last them until at least Christmas and that's with them eating the stuff at school, after school and before school. Now they can be more selective and if they want more than what's left, they'll have to buy it themselves.

Oh well, I better turn off the lights and horde the rest!!

1 comment:

maruad said...

lol I don't have your luck. Sandy takes the leftovers to her office... something to do with my rotundity.