Thursday, August 16, 2007

We're Halfway There!

Yes, the second week of Folklorama is at it's halfway point with only three more nights after tonight. The first two shows were filled to capacity with Sushi once again selling out before the second show. I'm sure the larger crowds will continue as the week wears on as many visitors are trying to squeeze in as many Pavilions as possible before Saturday. I probably said this last year, the second half of the week flies by quick and in some sick way I secretly feel sad when it ends.

Wednesday Observations:
-Tonight the Aurora dancers performed a gorgeous dance that I always enjoy watching. It's the one with the long silky fans that ribbon and sail gracefully toward the audience (see photos). It is elegantly performed by Aurora's most experienced quartet, Mitsuko Miyamoto and the Saito's (Sumi, Keiko and Kim). When I watch the four of them together, I experience some deja vu as I still fondly remember when they danced together during the years when the Pavilion was held in the tent in the Cultural Centre's parking lot. Our entertainment consisted of Aurora, Kaede, Hinode and Martial Arts demonstration between the 3 main shows....hmmm sounds familiar, Shayna replaces the older ladies that sang and some (not all) of the faces are different.

-Shayna continues to shine, it's amazing how quiet the crowd will get when she sings. Everybody wants to hear her and her voice really does seem to mesmerize the crowd. Wish she could have sung every night.

-Anyone read the Winnipeg Free Press Folklorama coverage in Wednesday's paper? The Japanese Pavilion is on the bottom right hand corner of the second page and a large colour photo of Hinode is featured. Sumi told me when she got up this morning and read the paper and saw the photo it put a big smile on her face :) She deserves to smile because the entertainment on the main stage has been well received and...entertaining!
Here's a sample:
ALWAYS popular, this pavilion offers a wide variety of cultural activities to try. Take a stroll through the Japanese street market, have your name written in Kanji, or try origami, the Japanese art of folding paper. The pavilion features martial arts demonstrations of judo and kendo between shows, so the entertainment is nearly continuous.

* HIGHLIGHTS: Hinode Taiko, the impressive Japanese drumming group, is as thrilling as ever. The Aurora dance group performs several graceful, elegant dances and encourages audience participation.

-If you missed it you can read the article on the Winnipeg Free Press website, as well they posted some live video of Hinode Taiko.

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