Saturday, August 18, 2007

There's Nothing Better To Do On A Friday Night?

The week is winding down, but the attendance continues to climb with an increase everyday so far. Traditionally Friday and Saturday's are the best days for the amount of visitor's walking through our doors. Though the numbers aren't in yet, Friday's first two shows were very packed and I wouldn't be surprised if we had one of our best nights this year. I think the organizers have to be feeling pretty good about how smoothly things have gone because I haven't heard many complaints or horror stories from any of the volunteers, though I have avoided visiting the kitchen. Tons of credit must be heaped upon Hazel Saito who took on the "thankless" task of coordinating the food for the Pavilion. I haven't got the full story about the drama of the kitchen, but I know that sales have been great and she has managed to pull together a team of workers who have dedicated their days to cooking. I know Sumi has spend her days off volunteering in the kitchen and without others like her this Pavilion would have failed.

Friday's Random Gibberish:
-Last night for Aurora, does that mean the dancer's won't be at the volunteer party? Actually a lot of the dancers (Aurora and Kaeke) volunteer in other areas of the Pavilion. Lucy was presented with some flowers from her ladies, as predictable as it was that's always a classy gesture. Do you think Carol will receive a similar token of appreciation?

-I can't say enough about singer Shayna Paulicelli, it's great to have her sweet voice complimenting the visual beauty of the dance groups and the primal urgency of Hinode. Not only is she a gifted and accomplished vocalist, she is also one of the nicest persons I have met. As I said in an earlier post watch for her in the future!

-Hopefully no one noticed a difference, but I took the soundboard/lighting chair for the 9:45 show. Ryan who was substituting for Karel had to do sound for another Pavilion, he couldn't find anyone to cover for him so I was thrust into action. I wasn't too worried because I have some experience as I did this job for a couple years back at the tent (early 2000's?). The trick is to not confuse the soundboard with the light board and prevent any dead air, fortunately there are only four lights per side and only two sound channels being utilized. My only gaff was when my hand grazed a electrical cord plugged into the power bar and the sound cut out during one of Aurora's dances. I thought I hit the volume slider or hit the stop button on the CD player. After about 10 seconds of panic (and with Lucy breathing over my shoulder) I touched the cord again (loose plug?) and the sound magically returned. I was told after the dancers kept dancing and when the music returned they hadn't missed a beat. Other than that it was fun...and No, I don't want to do sound next year.

-Stay tuned for Saturday as we have a pair of unscheduled mystery emcee hosts. It's probably not a secret, but I'll tell you later.

-There's a possibility (depends when I get home) there won't be a report posted for Saturday until sometime Sunday ( if or when I get up), because of the volunteer party. The good news is that I'll attempt to take a lot of smile!

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