Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hey! Where's The Food?

It must be disappointing attending a Folklorama Pavilion with the expectations of trying some of ethnic cuisine. Sushi has been becoming as mainstream as Pizza in the past few years, new sushi restaurants have been springing up faster than you can say Superstore, with many of these so-called "authentic" Japanese delicacies. I think Sushi has replaced the wrap as the "in" fast food. There was a time when the Japanese Pavilion was one of the only places to find Japanese food, (Ichi Ban seems about as authentic Japanese as Olive Garden is Italian) and how times have changed. We ran out of Sushi during the first show and sold out all the good food by the end of the second. What the hell? Since Sushi is catered in this year, we are sent only limited numbers, we could be selling twice the amount if we had it. I heard there was a some chicken left and if you're a big fan of white rice you were in luck. Does anyone actually like that vinegary salad-cucumber?

Day 3 observations:
-The Kaede Dancers debuted tonight with the ever entertaining Carol as their instructor. Their pink outfits are very striking and they stood out beautifully from the black backdrop at the back of the stage. Carol grabbed the microphone during their audience participation ONDO, it was a different dance than Aurora's and it's name totally escapes me. Trying to learn this dance confuses even the dancers with way too many steps to comprehend and it confuses matters worse when Carol tries to communicate this to the audience. This could only get more entertaining or painful as the week wears on.

-Biggest crowds of the week so far...okay, it's only Tuesday, but if past history is correct there should be an upward rise of attendence every night, usually peaking on Friday or Saturday. It doesn't hurt to have 5 bus tours in one night. With two of the tours during the last show, it sure filled up the seats more the two previous nights.

-Marli Sakiyama was the emcee tonight and will return on Friday night. She ad-libbed a fair bit which is fine with me, she wanted to inject a little bit of herself into the already well written script. Her best line was, "If you continue to use flash photography during Hinode Taiko, the judo guys will come over and flip you"... or something like that? It was hilarious, especially coming from her.
-Wednesday will be the first night of all-repeat performances, meaning Aurora, Shayna, MC Art and Kendo have all performed at least once. Should be an easy night for me, I was going to skip out after the first show to see the Wilco concert at the Burt, but it was cancelled yesterday. I'm still pissed about it. I've been looking forward to the show for months as Wilco is probably in my personal top 5 (I've seen them 4 times already).

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