Friday, August 17, 2007

Media Circus

The Japanese Pavilion has definitely attracted a lot of media attention in the last few days. Yesterday it was the Winnipeg Free Press Folklorama report, today it was A-Channel and Global's turn. When I awoke this morning (7:30-ish, I only average about 5 hours of sleep) I turned on the TV, at the foot of my bed and who was on my screen, but Hinode's Shig Saito. He was demonstrating some drumming techniques to Adrienne Silver from A-Channel. I scrambled to find a blank VHS tape, but I was too late. I did have a chance to record the Kaede dancers as they gave a sample of a fan dance. All of this was filmed before Tuesday night's show as opposed to last year when all the Folklorama segments were filmed in-studio. It sure the hell beats going to the Fork's at 6:30 in the morning. I have yet to see Tracy Koga from Shaw TV, who is busy with more Folklorama spots that can't be seen on our television, because we subscribe to MTS TV.

Thurday's emcee for the show was Global Television's Connie Tamoto, which makes my job easier as Connie speaks into a microphone for a living and is very comfortable on stage. Global was also filming for their own Folklorama segment and Sumi was interviewed. I think she talked about Kimono dressing (?) and this will air on Friday's 6:00 and 10:30 pm news. Of course, I won't be home to watch it, but if you can figure out your VCR's timer, please record it for me and maybe I can post it.

Thursday's Random Observations:
-Tonight was the last night for Judo for the Martial Art's portion of the show. I spoke to a few people tonight who were happy they happened to come on the night Judo performed. Maybe next year Karate will return, I know they favoured the longer format so they could have time to demonstrate their moves.

-Anyone else notice how cool it is in the Gym and outside? This is about as ideal as it could be for the performers and I noticed Green tea sales are picking up...second thought, this might not be a good thing

-Kaede danced three consecutive dances (which includes the crowd participation ONDO) for all three shows. Is it too much dance? I think the show is more interesting when Shayna sings, it provides a better balance and more variety. Any ideas or suggestions for next year (I don't know if me or Sumi will be back) are always welcome.

Took my first peak into the Cultural display room and was amazed how crowded it was. If you're a guest, it's a good way to talk to some of the people involved in the different interest groups in the Japanese Canadian community. The small stage provides demonstrations for Kimono dressing, tea ceremony and flower arranging.

I've been eating a lot of cheezies for my supper break between shows. Don't get me wrong I love cheezies and they tasted pretty good dipped in stew gravy yesterday, but either all the volunteer food gets eaten quickly, someone's hoarding food (probably saving all the good stuff for Taiko) or my timing is really bad. I did fry up some perogies and eggs when I got home so all is good.

Only two more nights!!

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dd4 said...

I have the Global segment on VHS. If you know a way to convert it to digital, I'll upload it.