Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays?

Monday is usually one of my favourite days because it is my day off from work, (Sunday of course is my other day) but Folklorama week means no time to sit on the deck with a drink in my hand. I spent some of the day picking up and buying things for the stage, which of course is my responsibility, so I'm not complaining. At least I had time to update this page (the previous post) while I had a piano tuner over to...tune the piano.

Monday's show again went without any problems, it feels like after the first show everything seems to run on cruise control. The 6:45 show was visited by the "Folk Arts Council Inspector", who has a 5 page checklist of standards and procedures (sponsors, signage, displays...etc.). My only concern is that the show starts on time and ends on time before 7:30. The first show of the night with a different emcee than the night before could be problematic, but for an ol' pro like Keiko Saito, everything went smoothly and on time.

Mondays' observations:
- Martial Arts tonight was Kendo, you know the art of stick hitting. I suppose it's a combination of fencing, jousting and samurai fighting complete with body armour and a steel cage helmet mask. Always entertaining and the loud screaming sure draws attention to the stage.

-Shayna Paulicelli is back again this year with many accolades and accomplishments since last year. She played the lead in Grant Park's production of "Ragtime", performed in the Fringe Festival and she was crowned Italian Idol in their singing competition, it was even worth a mention in the Winnipeg Sun. I believe bigger and better things are in her future, so enjoy her at our humble Pavilion while you can.

-The ONDO proves to be a popular feature, many audience members are jumping at the chance to get on stage and make an ass of themselves...okay, it's me that's looking like a fool, I'm sure Sumi will continue to mock and laugh at me throughout the week, but I promise I will master this dance! Problem is there will be a different Ondo tomorrow with the Kaede Dancers. My apologies to Alex Allen for stomping on her foot on the backwards step.

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