Friday, April 27, 2007

TV Star or Scar?

Just a quick update on my friend S.
On Monday, CTV news aired an interview with S to give details of her attack that occurred over a week before. S (CTV does give her name, but to give her some privacy, I won't here) and a friend were out to rent a movie (at that video store in the photo) and they were swarmed by a group of girls, they proceeded to kick, punch and jump on her head saying they would kill her and break her neck. To try to escape the beating, she ran into oncoming traffic only to have cars swerve around her and avoided the call for help for someone in trouble. A family with kids finally did stop and the attack ended, leaving S with various injuries. The good news is that S looks and sounds really good and she seems to be taking this whole thing quite well.

What kind of bugs me is this incident wasn't mentioned on any other media (newspaper, radio or other TV networks) and it probably only aired then because of the death of Erin Pawlowski, the 35 year-old North Ender that was returning home from work and was beaten at a bus stop on Selkirk Ave two Thursday's ago (he died of his injuries this Monday). The suspects of S's case are 5 girls estimated to be 14 years old, my question is, have the police been investigating this before the news report or do they consider this a waste of time?

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Anonymous said...

Please tell me that wasn't Sumi.