Monday, April 09, 2007

Canada vs US- Was There Any Doubt?

The Women's World Hockey Championship has been taking place here in Winnipeg for the past week and it all comes to a close Tuesday night with the Gold Medal game featuring Canada and the US, yet again. I went to the playoff round robin game between those two teams and it was without doubt the most exciting game I've seen this year at the MTS Centre. Canada won that game 5-4 in a shootout, it was a back and forth see-saw battle that should add to the fire for Tuesday's sold-out final. I hate to say this, but Canada and the US are so dominant that they both have shutout all their other opponents, except when they've played each other (actually the US let in one goal against China 9-1), problem is that it leads to fairly boring one-sided hockey games. Maybe they should skip all the preliminaries and have just a Canada/US best of 7 final, I think that's what the people really want.

During the intermission at Saturday's Canada/US game, they brought out the 1990 Gold Medal team (Vicky Sunohara is the only current Canadian player from that team) for a reunion to celebrate the first World Championship that was played in Ottawa. Back then Canada beat teams 17-0, 18-0, in the preliminary round (3 games) they out-scored their opposition 50-1. They went on to beat the US in the final 5-2. To commemorate this event the 2007 Canada team wore their original Pink style jerseys from 1990, I guess the idea back then is it had to be girly so Pink it was, it is now the much more intimidating RED. If you want to own a game-worn jersey from that game, the individual player jersey's are up for auction from Hockey Canada on eBay.

For all you hometown Jennifer Botterill fans, I found her High School grad photo circa' 1997 from St. John's Ravenscourt, before she attended Harvard. She is definitely the best female hockey player to ever come out of Winnipeg.

Good Luck! go Canada!!

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