Thursday, April 05, 2007

Please, I Need A Laptop!

Sorry for the long hiatus, it was Spring Break, yet I didn't go to Mexico or Fort Lauderdale or take any time off work. My excuse, I got less computer time. Yes, the kid's have nothing better to do on their Spring Break except chat on MSN, check their e-mail's continuously, update their postings on Facebook/MySpace and play endless hours of computer (video) games. They stayed up later, which meant less time for my late night ramblings, I've gotten so tired waiting for a turn that I've been going to bed in record time.

One solution is portability. A laptop I could take into my room or take to a coffee shop or take to work (maybe not a good idea?), somewhere where I can write and post instantly instead of waiting until 2am. It doesn't need to be too fancy, some basic bells and whistles, the ability to still download and burn music would be good and I already have a external hard drive for extra space. Any donations or recommendations for a cheap laptop would be graciously appreciated.

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