Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Zamboni Joe On MySpace

Here's a shameless plug, my band (the semi-retired) Zamboni Joe now has internet presence with a page at www.myspace.com/zambonijoeband. We have posted 4 songs (live and living room) for your enjoyment or amusement. I'm also writing blogs on that site (along of course with www.teenagedogsintrouble.blogspot.com, my music blog), to provide some information and history about this legendary hockey-rock band. We're also looking for friends that want to have their profile picture plastered on our page, please add us as friends, we're so desperate!

Zamboni Joe hasn't played an official show since September 2005, but I've done a few solo performances and if we're tempted with big $$, I'm sure we might be talked into getting back together as a band for another show.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey! I didn't see the comment before.

The new songs are old news as I have been listening to them for a few days now.

I tried calling the other day but it was lunch time and your line was busy. Big surprise.

CU Later