Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Live At The Academy, Winnipeg Style

I've posted a quick review and some mp3's of Jesse's show from last Thursday night March 1 on my other blog, Teenage Dogs In Trouble. If you love indie (and not so indie) music this might be the site for you, I try to keep that blog exclusively about music and music related stuff. I listen to music on a daily basis, so my Ipod is full of the newest releases (..and leaked upcoming releases), so it gives me great pleasure to share my thoughts and recommendations with the world. If there's any bands or upcoming shows I might be interested, please let me know..I'm a bit of a music geek.

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Tom Jeffers said...

Hi there sick puppy,
Tom here from Toronto and have been checking out your blogs. Very Cool!!! Cheryl was over visiting us last night at the Condo and she passed on your blogs to me. We got to watch the Sky Dome retract last night at the Blue Jays game which she found very cool to see at night from our 23rd floor suite.
I have CuBase 4 and M-Audio Interface Board for recording now here in Toronto and have been checking out the music scene here.
Take Care,