Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Slacker Uprising

Despite the title, Slacker Uprising is not my autobiography, but it's Michael Moore's latest film. Moore's film is the first time a major motion picture is being offered for free download on the internet and he says he is doing it for two reasons:
  1. Next year it will be 20 years since my first film, "Roger & Me," so I'd like to give those of you who've supported my work over the years a thank you gift in the form of a brand new movie; and

  2. I hope the release and wide distribution of this new movie will help to bring out millions of young and new voters on November 4th.
"I'm giving you my blanket permission to not only download it, but also to email it, burn it, and share it with anyone and everyone (in the U.S. and Canada only). I want you to use 'Slacker Uprising' in any way you see fit to help with the election or to do the work that you do in your community. You can show my film in your local theater, your high school classroom, your college auditorium, your church, union hall or community center. You can have your friends and neighbors over to the house for a viewing. You can broadcast it on TV, on cable access, on regular channels or on the web. It's completely free -- I don't want to see a dime from this. And if you want, you can charge admission or ask for a donation if it's to raise money for a candidate, a voter drive, or for any non-profit or educational purpose. In other words -- it's yours!"
- Michael Moore

This is pretty cool, I haven't watched it yet, I'll get around to it later this week, but the issues and relevance of the young people vote (or lack of) are just as important here as it is across the border. Anyways, watch it and comment, I would love to he what you think.

Click the link below for the full stream download. If you want to download and burn a copy, click here.
Slacker Uprising (stream)

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