Monday, October 13, 2008

Canadian Gold

Since my pal Maruad is probably expecting me to write about the new Hockey Night In Canada anthem, here it is! When I saw the "10 finalists" program, I had a feeling this one would get chosen. There seemed to be sameness in all the finalists, I'm sure that was aided by the orchestration of all the themes that transformed the original entries. A kind of Celtic meets Dallas theme, it has a dated 80's TV show theme feel to it, which unfortunately I don't think hockey when I hear it and I've never been a fan of any song with bagpipes. I must admit I wasn't that interested in CBC's anthem challege contest (I only listened to a handful of entries on the website, as some entries really really sucked!) and every time I hear this theme when I watch HNIC, I'll be thinking, "reality TV-show" winner...I guess that will be good for Colin Oberst and his 100k. Boy, I regret my laziness I should have entered!

Comments? Like? don't like? hate or don't care? Judge for yourself.

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Anonymous said...

To be honest it is not as bad as I expected. Sorta like Sarah Palin wasn't as bad in the VEEP debate as she was in the earlier tv interviews. However, having set the bar so low. I do think I have heard better music on video games.

Happily the celtic bits at the begining and end keep it from being completely medicore.

Yes Binky you could have done better.

Did I hear correctly that there will be Tuesday night hockey games on TSN?