Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Don't Forget To Vote!!!

I voted early, 9:00am to be exact a mere half and hour after polls in Manitoba opened. I always beat the rush because after 4pm the after school and work crowd fill the gymnasium and you know, I have better things to do than wait in lines. I cannot stress this enough...VOTE! I can't stand it when fortunate citizen's like ourselves, that have our democratic to vote, don't. If you don't vote you have no right to whine and complain about the GST or Harper, at least if you do your duty and vote, you should feel you at least tried to make a difference.

On the radio the other day they we're talking about the problem of the 18-24 age category how they are 20% less likely to vote. Would online voting make a difference? It couldn't hurt, a lot of TV shows (American/Canadian Idol), use the online voting format and we file our taxes all online. I predict that Elections Canada will institute a way to help battle this voter apathy and online voting seems obvious.

I've never had such a hate-on with a party and leader like I do with Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. This arrogant a-hole is so out of touch with real Canadians that I wonder why he is so popular, must be the same reason George Bush kept getting re-elected. It was Harper that instituted the law of a set election date, right? In Winnipeg, "star" candidates such as Thomas Steen and Trevor Kennard, who are rookie politicians, but local sports celebrities have been silenced by not appearing at candidates debates. Harper's such a control freak, he doesn't even trust his own cabinet never mind his candidates. Aren't you curious to hear what Steen has to say about carbon emissions or the woeful performance of the Canadian dollar? This is a candidate who on his website lists his hockey stats from his playing days...the PC's can't be serious? Do they think we're that stupid? We shall see. Harper's wife Lauren seems like a reasonable person, but how can she lay down beside a slimy weasel like her husband each night and not feel somewhat dirty and guilty? Makes me cringe at the thought!

Anyways, get out and vote, I know the Conservatives will probably lead again, but with enough thoughtful voting we can at least prevent a majority government...maybe?


Anonymous said...

I went out and did my duty... unfortunately Shelly Glover is now my MP and, although my wife was impressed with her, it still means another seat for Harper.

I am hoping for a backbench revolt over his constant gagging of MPs. So much for democratic representation from our MPs.

Michael said...

So sad that lefties don't understand the purpose of the fixed election date law and that they use their ignorance as a pretext to portray Harper as a breaker of his own law. Maybe if they took the time to read laws instead of blindly believing everything they hear on the CBC news, they would be better informed.

Bill C-16:

1. The Canada Elections Act is amended by adding the following before the heading “Writs of Election” before section 57:

56.1 (1) Nothing in this section affects the powers of the Governor General, including the power to dissolve Parliament at the Governor General’s discretion.


If you don't understand that in its simplicity, there is no hope for you. I Guess that's why you reach for the Bush/Harper parallels. You are absolutely pathetic.