Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Practice, Practice, Practice!

There are only 4 days until the Kibo concert and all I can think about is practice. It seems quite simple, play one three minute song then I'm done, I can pack up and go home if I want, but really it's more complicated than that. I'm playing guitar for vocalists Shayna and Brent, both youngster's with years of stage experience, I haven't been on stage for over a year and I have never performed in such a large venue, like Pantages Theatre.

Shayna was the lead in Grant Park High School's (my old school!) production of Ragtime this past December at the Burton Cummings Theatre, and she has many musical theatre shows and singing competition's on her resume.

Brent recently performed (acted) in the play Arcadia, as part of the StoppardFest and in early March he is off to the New York Frigid Fest to perform his play, Jesus Christ, I'm Sorry. The three of us played the song only once on Sunday during the Kibo show rehearsals and we won't have a chance again until the day of the show, as Brent is away until Friday.
My guitar part is fairly simple and repetitive, but I have to set the speed and tempo. The challenge for both of them is the language, they have to sing this song in Japanese and harmonize together, a lot trickier than singing solo to recorded music.
Oh well, I suppose I should return to my bedroom and play Obaachan No Uta again and again, I tend to practice it a couple of times then proceed to play other stuff for hours. I guess that's a good thing, I'm starting to write songs again and I'm getting the urge to find some gigs and perform again, either with Zamboni Joe or solo...stay tuned.

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