Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Kibo: Special Deal

Remember I was concerned about the high ticket prices for the Kibo fundraiser concert on February 24th, lo and behold Ticketmaster has now offered a student rate for $20 per ticket. I don't know if there are any students that read this blog (or anyone for that matter?) or any students that are interested in this type of show. When tickets are discounted the week of the show, I always have mixed feelings. How about all the people that paid the full price, will they feel ripped off? If you buy a $50 pair of jeans then find out it's on sale for less than half price, I would feel slightly pissed. Usually when shows try to sell off seats it's the last row corner's or the back of the balcony. These discounted seats are still the best available, as good or better than the $50 version. It's clear that sales haven't gone as well as predicted, so plan B is to get as many bodies as possible to fill the building. Which isn't a bad idea, as who wants to perform to a half empty hall. On Ticketmaster's site you just have to type the words, HUMANRIGHTS in the special offer box to receive your special price. To be honest, if I wasn't a student I would still try to get this offer because how will they know if your a student or not. As of Wed. 7:00pm, the available "special deal" seats are still outstanding (row 10 middle). Good luck!

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Stacey said...

I just wanted to say that I, almost on a regular basis read your blog and am admirer of your blogging endeavours. Also you should know that there is a British version of The Office too on dvd.

Stacey Matsumoto