Thursday, February 22, 2007

Can't Get Enough Of The Office

Always seem to jump on the bandwagon late, I watch movies from rental stores that are already on 7 day rental and finally watch Oscar award winning movies years later. Same goes for TV, I have never watched Lost, 24, Grey's Anatomy, House, Heroes, or Dancing With Stars.

One show that has me completely hooked is the Office (US version). This Christmas I received the first season on DVD (only one disc) and I couldn't stop watching it, I ran out and rented a disc from season two and then luck would have it, my daughter traded (borrowed) the complete season 2 for me to burn (oops, I mean make a back-up copy). I've been attempting to watch as many new episodes as possible, but you know how it is to try to find time, every week. I presently have the first ten episodes from season 3 on my computer to catch up. If you haven't seen this show, trust me it's addicting, it's one of those shows where the awkward silences and eye-rolls will have you busting a gut with laughter, it's brilliant! Steve Carell is perfect as the goofy boss of the Dunder Mifflin paper supply company in this mockumentary-style parody of water cooler culture. Check out the NBC-The Office site for highlights, previews, episode guides, webisodes and other goodies if you have lots of time to kill.

Here are some select Fansite's for The Office
Dwight Shrute's Schrute-Space
LITO:Fansite for the Office
OfficeTally: the Office Fansite of the Office

These are some of the character (actor/actress) sites. (very cool!)
Pam Beesley/myspace (Jenna Fischer)
BJ Novak/myspace (Ryan the Temp)
Kevin Malone/myspace
Melora Hardin/myspace (Jan Levinson)

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Anonymous said...

Cool show indeed.

I would like to see the Brit show it was based on (I think it was anyway).

It is a nice change of pace that the Americans can adapt a Brit comedy without destroying all the humour in it (can anyone say Three's Company).