Monday, May 02, 2011

Don't Forget To Vote!!

I'm not telling you who to vote for, this is just photo of the snow from yesterday.

I don't care who you vote for (actually I do, but don't let me influence you), but it's your democratic duty and right to voice your opinion through your vote. Forget the lame excuses like, "I'm too busy" or "I have to work"...Employees who are Canadian citizens and at least 18 years old must be allowed three consecutive hours in which to vote on election day. If an employee's hours of work do not allow three consecutive hours in which the polls are open, then the employer must allow the time.

It should be an interesting election night, will the Conservatives get their majority? Will the NDP overtake the Liberals or even the Conservatives? Will someone "break the law" and twitter the results from Eastern Canada? Will CBC show the hockey game instead of the election results? The only answer I know for sure right now is...No, CBC will not be showing the Flyers vs Bruins game, that will be on TSN.

In my area, there is going to be a close race between incumbent, Anita Neville of the Liberals and Conservative candidate Joyce Bateman. The Conservatives threw the first jab in this riding, but it was from a candidate in the St. Boniface riding, Shelly Glover. If you recall earlier in the campaign before the Con's announced Bateman as a candidate, Glover suggested that Neville was too old and that her time as a MP had expired. I think Glover should worry about her own riding instead of sticking her nose into another, because she is far from safe against the Liberal's, Raymond Simard.

Back to my area, I can't stand the thought of the area going Conservative, though it does include Tuxedo and Fort Garry which is often quite conservative. Joyce Bateman presently is one of my school trustee's and the times I've seen and heard her talk, I've been quite turned off. Maybe it's her condescending speaking voice or her phony "concerned" politician persona, but my first, second and third impressions is I don't like her. She has been worked with the Liberal's in the past and I heard she was itching to replace Neville as the South-Centre Liberal candidate, but when Neville decided to run again, Bateman jumps to the Conservatives. She claims she has been disillusioned with the Liberals and hasn't been a member for a while, so if she's so concerned with her "values", I guess if she wants the best chance for employment, it's logical to run for a party that may possibly form a majority government. She seems to try to distance herself from Harper, as her election pamphlet doesn't even mention their great leader. Instead she includes a photo of her with U of W President, Lloyd Axworthy...hmmm...does this mean Axworthy is a Conservative supporter? Did he approve this? I think if she truly has morals and doesn't agree or appear to want to be associated with Harper, then she should have run as an independent...but they hardly ever win.

Go out and VOTE!!!! Polls close at 8:30 pm.

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