Monday, April 04, 2011

Vote Compass

I've been having a difficult time keeping this blog updated, but with the announcement of the upcoming federal election, I suspect my posts will become more frequent. Sometimes I can't keep my mouth shut and my opinionated views need to be expressed somewhere.

An interesting tool to determine or at least find out which way you're leaning, is found at, the Vote Compass. On this survey, you will be asked 30 questions on various issues that the parties have taken a stand on. It will reveal not only which party you are closest matched to, but also which leader fits your viewpoints.
  • Part 1- Each question gives you a statement such as, "Marriage should only be between a man and woman", then you are asked to strongly agree, somewhat agree, neither agree or disagree, somewhat disagree and strongly disagree.
  • Part 2- You are asked about the leaders and rate them: 0-10 (0> not at all trustworthy or 10< very trustworthy) on how trustworthy, competent and how suitable for Prime Minister they are.
  • Part 3- Rate the parties. Also 0-10 rating, higher for likeliness of voting for them.
The results will be displayed on a grid that places your position of social liberalism, social conservatism, economic left and economic right, as well as where the parties stand. If you click on the party's name, you can compare that parties position on every question with your own. this is also a useful tool to find out what stand the parties take on all these key issues. I took the quiz and I was tabbed as a Liberal (no surprise) and Jack Layton is my preference for PM, my wife is a Green. My co-worker was also a Green and his daughter was (to her surprise), a Liberal. I know what your thinking, why has Liberal and Green only come up so far? That's the same question the National Post posed as supposedly many feel this quiz is biased and leaning Liberal. I've been spreading the word to friends and family to take the quiz, so it will be interesting to see how accurate we think our political stand is with who we support. If they truly are my friends and family, I don't expect any of the results to point to the Conservative (PC) party!
Let me know your results!

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Anonymous said...

I tried it and came out as Liberal which is as probably as close as it can be for me st this point in time. My son is NDP but the compass told him he was Green. He suspects it is because he is NDP on most topics but does support the Canadian military.

None of the leaders appeal to me though I suspect as individuals, in a non-partisan setting, I would probably like them all as people. The problem with some people is their inability to deal with power without it going to their heads.

Ignatief doesn't thrill me but he seems the lesser of the evils as far as electable leaders go. I am hoping for a Liberal minority.