Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome To Winnipeg!

No, that's not more snow on the ground.

Waited for the bus on Easter day and this what was left of the bus shelter at my stop at Grant and Stafford. I've seen many shelters smashed in front of my work on Pembina, but these vandals did a real good number on this one. Not only did they break the front and back walls of glass (with supposeably the metal chair laying inside), they also toppled the stone garbage can and the bus bench...ooow watch out, some "original" tough-guys roaming our streets. Such sense-less pathetic acts like this don't surprise me anymore and it's becoming a pretty typical Winnipeg sight nowadays. I noticed the mess wasn't cleaned up until late Monday afternoon, at least a day and a half after it was destroyed. I'm sure the city was paying triple time to the clean-up crew as yesterday was Easter Monday, a holiday for city and government workers.

Hope everyone had a happy Easter! Now back to my chocolate eating.

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of when I was a teenager. There were some factors you could count on for the guys that did the most distruction. They had always been guys who were really shy and/or quiet. Suddenly once they had a drink or two, they became the biggest assholes you ever met but were so proud of themselves. Favourites stupid assholes tricks in those days included breaking car antenaes and sideview mirrors. Also drinking half a beer then throwing the rest of the bottle down the street while screaming a pointless obscenity. They would also be the guys who would, when they failed in an attempt to pick a chick at the bar, start called her down. A guarenteed source of fights when you are drinking in choice locals like the Lincoln, the Concord or the Continental back in the mid 1970s.