Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It's (S)no Joke!

Seriously, if you're a true Winnipegger it's no big deal to see some snow in April, but this is bordering on annoying. Every time we experience another meltdown and forecasts of potential flooding, we receive another dump of the white stuff. Come on, the NHL playoffs start in a couple of weeks! I always feel somewhat guilty during the playoffs because I really should be outside enjoying the seasonal weather (Spring), but instead I hole myself in my man-cave (if I had one...actually it's my living room) for at least the first two rounds almost every night watching the playoffs. Despite it all, Spring is my favourite time of year after the long winter it's finally a relief to shed a layer or two. Like the typical Winnipegger I am, I promise every year, "that's it, I'm moving somewhere warm", ha! I'll still be here another 40 years annually complaining about the weather.

Now go out and build a snowman!
Season's greetings!!

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Anonymous said...

You are completely correct when you say this weather sucks. This may be the worst spring I can remember on so many levels.

I am jealous (but happy for) Robert Pasternak for being in LA for the opening of his new show whilst on the other coast he has pieces in a huge exhibit happening in New York.