Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New And Improved! aka: "Sick Puppy Manifesto"

Welcome to the "new" and "improved" site for red eyes!

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts and updates on this site because there's almost nothing I hate more than non-updated blogs. It's not like nothing exciting has happened in my life, maybe it's been too exciting since I seem to be too busy to write and share all the stupid things I think about while I'm at work or zoning out in front of the computer screen.

Secondly, the title of this post is probably misleading, much like the "new" Tide there's nothing new or different about this blog, but it will seem "new" because I haven't written anything since early Spring and it will be "improved" because I will share all the clever information I have backlogged in my brain. This doesn't mean there won't be any changes, no sir, I have plenty of interesting ideas to make this site worth checking out every day (or two...?). Here is a list of the general ground rules and content I promise to cover over the following months:
  • This site will remain the non-music pursuits in my life, so legal and non-legal mp3's might be hard to find here. If you enjoy your music cool and your concerts hot, check out my live music blog, Teenage Dogs in Trouble.
  • I'll continue to post videos when I'm stuck for something to write about. I know personally I can spend hours on YouTube watching Yogi Bear episodes and music videos, so if anyone has any recommendations or requests I'll spread the word. Better yet, if you make a video you want to share with the world, let me know.
  • I might resort to the ol' personal blog formula of detailing all the mundane happenings in my life. "What my cat ate, what I watched on TV, what I ate for lunch and who I ate it with...", this sometimes leads to the "too much information" category, so I'll try to stay clear of info that might offend all my close friends (you know who you are), or worse bore them to death.
  • More photos! Everyone loves pictures and I rely heavily on the internet for many of my photos, but like many of you I do own a camera, it's automatic and digital so it's foolproof, right?
  • Reviews, reviews! I like to watch more than participate so there'll be no shortage of events to watch and criticize. I like to think I'm critical and hate everything, but in reality I'm easily satisfied. If a play or movie entertains me and I don't fall asleep I probably won't slam it. Like most people I have lots and lots of personal biases and things (and people) that bug be warned!
  • Winnipeg...I love and hate this city, but I live here so a lot of my content will be from a Winnipegger's point of view. There's a lot that happens in this town, good and bad that I can't keep my mouth shut about. I haven't read many good blogs that have originated from Winnipeg, so pass on any links, it's good to have many POV's from this town.
If you've read something that prompts a comment, please leave one. Whether you agree or are offended, a comment proves that this blog is read by someone and there is nothing sadder than a blog with no readers, much like that tree falling in a forest thing.


Anonymous said...

"I like to watch more than participate"

With my eyebrows raised, I must say, I never knew.

p.s. Tell that wife of yours to get blog started. I have come up with an answer for her problem about blogging but I will not post it here. Maybe I will send her a note on facebook.

Anonymous said...

p.s. Welcome back! I missed you.