Saturday, July 19, 2008

How Far Will You Go?

I'm heading up to the cabin on Saturday so I won't be posting for about a week or so. I think the nice weather is still ahead so hopefully I won't have to wear rain gear and fleeces.

Folklorama is coming up and it'll occupy most of my time when I return, so I'll leave you with a clip from the Folklorama commercial that is gracing small screens everywhere. If you're wondering if that's Sumi (in the only speaking role) behind the is! I laughed my ass off when I first saw this, but boy she does a great job! I think she should pursue some kind of acting career after this. You can see her everywhere, on posters, the cover of the program booklet (pick one up at your local LC), ads in magazines and newspapers and on the back of Winnipeg Transit buses.

If the clip doesn't work, go to the Folklorama website (and click on the "video" in the left column) and ask yourself, "How far will you go?"


Nica said...

She is one very pretty girl.

Anonymous said...

Hey Binky

Just thought I would mention that the wife's cousin's wife is going to be volunteering at your pavilion this year. I have sent her name on an email.

She is alternating between Winnipeg and her home in Alberta because of contract work she is doing. She is a good person so say 'hi'.

CYA later