Monday, September 17, 2007

Come Celebrate Nikkei Heritage Day This Sunday!

Sorry for the lack of posts so far in September, I could provide you with a whole bunch of bull-shit excuses, but to be honest it is just laziness on my part. One event I'm gearing up for is Nikkei Heritage Day Arts Festival, this Sunday September 23rd at the Manitoba Japanese Cultural Centre from 2:00pm-4:30pm. Nikkei Heritage Day commemorates the date of the signing of the redress agreement on September 22, 1988, across Canada the JC communities host some kind of event on or around this date.

This year's Arts festival will feature paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, and live music. Should be a good time, Jesse Miki and myself will provide the live music and I'm even submitting some art. There must be other musicians or performers in our community besides us, so please let me know if your talent is wasted away in your bedroom or basement and you would like to's not too late! Besides the art, there will be a vast array of goodies for the palate such as cake, cookies, fruit and the usual non-licenced beverages (coffee, tea, cold drinks).

So if your not raking leaves or watching football on Sunday afternoon, stop by for a look and listen, it might be your last chance to hear me sing and you might find a great piece of art.


Anonymous said...

Too bad Sept 23rd is such a busy day. The boys have a football game and it is my mom's b-day.

I would have loved to submit a piece of artwork but I suspect it is meant for community members.

Anonymous said...

Opps... forgot to sign that... previous post was Don B.

Anonymous said...

hey what is this about last chance to hear you sing? Are you leaving? Having your vocals removed? or merely bowing to popular pressure?


Anonymous said...

Who are you????