Friday, November 17, 2006


Two lucky people attending the 94th annual Grey Cup will have the opportunity of a lifetime at this year’s big game, to be played Nov. 19 at Canad Inns Stadium in Winnipeg.

Grey Cup organizers announced today that one fan and a guest will get a chance to meet Canadian and international recording sensation Nelly Furtado face-to-face.

Everyone attending this year’s game will be automatically entered to meet Furtado, whose recent multi-platinum CD Loose features No. 1 hits like Promiscuous and Maneater. One lucky name will be announced during the first quarter of the game.

That person and a guest will be invited to come down to field level to watch the 2006 Rogers Grey Cup Halftime Show, which will feature Furtado as the headline entertainer. They will then get an exclusive, V.I.P. meet-and-greet with Furtado following her performance.

I don't know if it's just me that wonders this, but who decides on the half time entertainment for the Grey Cup? I find it strange that a typically manly spectator sport like football would target it's half time show to pre-teen girls or older folks with really BAD musical taste. I thought half-time was a time to go wait in line for more beer and wait in line to use the bathroom. The Winnipeg stadium (CanadInn stadium?) washroom is traditionally the warmest place during November, must be the steaming pee-trough in the men's room. Fortunately, gone are the days when the half-time show was a "Up With People" type of tribute or some kind of travelogue entertainment promoting the host city. Bands such as the Tragically Hip or Sam Roberts seemed like a perfect compliment to the masculine adrenaline of Canadian football...what's wrong with that? Perhaps it's because the skanky Nelly Furtado is so "mainstream" and popular that this 5 minute spot will lure little girls into accidently viewing a portion of a sport they would otherwise avoid. Hey, maybe they'll like it and convince their daddies to buy them some season tickets for the upcoming football season. "Hey (insert airhead girl's name), Nelly's on the Grey Cup, that's sooo cool, let's watch and help increase the viewership for CBC..hee hee..what team's she on? Sorry to burst your bubble kid's, Nelly doesn't give a shit about you, football or for that matter Winnipeg, I'm sure she would even freeze her ass in Regina with the promise of $$$ for performing 1 or 2 songs, not a bad gig.

Here's a portion of an interview with Nelly Furtado a couple of weeks ago:

Q: Have you ever been to a Grey Cup? If not, do you have any recollections watching it on TV?

A: I have seen it a couple times on TV. But I have never been to a game. I am looking forward to it. I don’t know a lot about football. I’m very naive when it comes to it. I know more about basketball and soccer.

Q: You were born in British Columbia, did you ever go to see the B.C. Lions play?

A: No, I never had the opportunity, but I heard a lot about it.

Q: Do you have any interest in the Canadian Football League?

A: I am learning more about it.

I am learning about it? You've heard about the B.C. Lions, good for you, did you know the Lion's are playing in the game that preceeds and proceeds your grand performance? I guess it doesn't really matter, I doubt the American group Black Eyed Peas even knew what country they were in for the Grey Cup in Vancouver. I'm sure Nelly Furtado will nicely lip-sync Maneater, shake her downfilled jacketed ass and thrill the hell out of the shivering "football" fans in the stands.

Who's in charge here? Was Burton Cummings booked up already signing autographs at Sals? And was Brad Roberts too busy to pull his head out of his ass from his "Ghetto pad" in NYC. Maybe Nelly Furtado wasn't such a bad choice after all.

Enjoy the half-time show and welcome to Winnipeg!

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