Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Dale Hawerchuk Monster Cookies

This afternoon is the Heritage Classic game between the Winnipeg Jets and Edmonton Oilers. What better way than to enjoy the game with the nachos and beer is a big plate of cookies. Monster Cookies with a recipe from Jets Hockey Hall Of Famer, Dale Hawerchuk! The recipes comes from the Jets Are Cookin' cookbook of family recipes from the 81-82 season the Jets wives dedicated to all children, especially in Children's hospitals. All proceeds went to Children's Hospital at the Health Science Centre in Winnipeg. The book is filled with recipes from all the players from that year as well as the staff, management and coaches of the team. All these players bring back incredible memories, players such as, Hawerchuk, Babych, Mantha, Steen, Lindstrom, Long, MacLean, Mann, Christian, Smail, Fergy and many more. I've never tried any of the recipes, maybe my mom did and somehow this ended up in my possession.

The Monster cookie recipe is very straight forward and I had all the ingredients in my kitchen already. The cookies turned out outstanding! They are thin and crispy with a little bit of chewiness that melts in your mouth...yum yum! One mistake I made was dropping the batter to close together. The recipe states 3" apart and If I had spaced them further apart the cookies would have expanded to full size and would truly be monster size. The other note is the raw batter was really tasty when I little the spoons after placing the cookie sheet into the oven. I highly recommend this cookie recipe, it's perfect for the most novice (like myself) of bakers, a good recipes to make with the kids. Thank you Dale (or Dale's mom)!!

Throughout the season, I'll try to bake or cook more recipes from the book. If you want a clearer picture of any of the recipes from the book, let me know.

Happy cooking and enjoy the Heritage Classic...gotta go start making the nachos!

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