Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Playoff Picks!

It's that time of year again, for the next month or two it's pretty much guaranteed I'll be in front of the television watching CBC and/or TSN for the 2010 edition of the NHL playoffs. I don't have time to give my full analysis of each series because I'm watching some games right now, so to be brief, here's my picks for the first round.

Washington (1) vs Montreal (8)

Doesn't look good for the Habs, but goaltending is key. Could be a blowup, but who knows? Still I can't see the Caps losing this series.
Washington in 6

New Jersey (2) vs Philadelphia (7)
Despite being #2 and 7 seed's, this series will be close. Regardless, if Philly is considered the underdog this will be an upset. Sorry Marty!
Philadelphia in 7

Buffalo (3) vs Boston (6)
What happened to the Bruins this year? Contenders last year, pretenders this year. Complete reverse for the Sabres, who are back in the playoffs. Should be low scoring and probably a snoozer. Without Savard, Boston may never score on Miller.
Buffalo in 5

Pittsburgh (4) vs Ottawa (5)
A surprisingly good season for the Sens, it's too bad they have to play the defending Cup champs for the first round. The Pens have been inconsistent this year, but will find their game at some point during round one...?
Pittsburgh in 6


San Jose (1) vs Colorado (8)

As usual the Sharks have cruised at the top of the standings. A completely revamped line-up (except for the keys) hold promise of a Cup, but if recent playoff history matters, they are ripe for an upset. The Avs only has a few names I still recognize, there's no way they'll beat the top seed...or will they?
Colorado in 7

Chicago (2) vs Nashville (7)
I love the Hawks, always have and always will. The Hawks had one of their best regular seasons ever. So, this is easy, the Hawks WILL be in the Cup finals!
Chicago in 5

Vancouver (3) vs L.A. (6)
Never really sure about the Canucks, they have a history of underachieving, but this year the team has more depth than ever (in recent memory). I know next to nothing about the Kings.
Vancouver in 5

Phoenix (4) vs Detroit (5)
The Coyotes were the feel-good story this year and their first appearance in the playoffs in what...8 years or something? These ex-Jets have the unfortunate pleasure of meeting the hottest team in the second half of the season. This will be a close series, but in some ways it will be an upset no matter who wins.
Detroit in 7


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I seem to remember when Phoenix was still the Jets that they would give the dead things a run for their money come playoff time. I have to admit I don't remember them ever winning the series though so I will go with your Detroit in 7.

Anonymous said...


Sandy has been really into the playoffs this year.

When are you going to give us 2nd round predictions?

binky said...

Glad you asked, I'm going to post my 2nd round picks soon, probably sunday night. I better get them up soon before the 2nd round is 2 games old. As a preview, I'm leaning towards Pittsburgh, Boston, Chicago and Detroit.