Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh That House!

Usually I don't like to copy articles from other websites, but I thought this one might be of interest. There aren't too many TV shows I follow regularly, but I can never resist a new (or re-run) episode of House. For the past 5 seasons, Dr. Gregory House (played by Hugh Laurie) has consistantly amused us with his scathing and insensitive comments at the expense of his patients, co-workers and friends. Apart from being a great show, I was drawn in and stayed a fan of the show because of House's bitterness, dismissive comments and brillant delivery only made perfect by Hugh Laurie. The shows that have the most longivity are the ones that are blessed with a good supporting staff and even though House shook up it's cast (new team), it has still remained brilliant.

So in anticipation to the new season, here are the top ten favourite House-isms (as chosen by TVguide.ca):

“The great thing about telling somebody they’re dying is it tends to focus their priorities. You find out what matters to them. What they’re willing to die for. What they’re willing to lie for.” — from “Three Stories”

“Are you comparing me to God? I mean, it’s great, but so you know, I’ve never made a tree.” — from “Role Model”

“A secret club. What’s the secret, they’re all morons?” — from “Cursed”

“Like I said, there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team.’ There’s a ‘me,’ though, if you jumble it up.” — from “DNR”

“Everybody’s great when they’re half-dead.” — from “Eurphoria, Part 1”

“If you talk to God, you’re religious. If God talks to you, you’re psychotic.” — from “House vs. God”

“Dying people lie, too. Wish they’d worked less, been nicer, opened orphanages for kittens. If you really want to do something, you do it. You don’t save it for a sound bite.” — from “Hunting”

“Union rules. I can’t check this guy’s seeping gonorrhea this close to lunch.” — from “Autopsy”

“Go up his rear and get a smear. Which reminds me, kinda feel like a bagel.” — from “Lines in the Sand”

“Half the people I save don’t deserve a second chance.” — from “Living the Dream”


Anonymous said...

I saw a portion of an episode earlier this week. I liked what I saw and am considering putting the season 1 compilation down on my christmas list.

binky said...

A few years ago I borrowed season 2 from the downtown library and since then we were hooked. One of the few shows I try to watch consistantly. I would strongly recommend taking the seasons from the library before buying or watch re-runs on Showcase, MysteryTV and Global almost every night.