Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Help, I'm Obsessed!!

...Obsessed with Facebook and Myspace! (I'll get to that later)

So sorry for the lack of updates (I've been distracted), since my last post The Ducks won the Stanley Cup and Paris Hilton went to jail, twice. I don't think I really need to talk about Paris because every other blogger and news media has full time coverage already. So, how about those Ducks! Imagine a team full of Canadians playing in California, carrying the Stanley Cup on the beach and the Governator claiming to be a hockey fan. I must admit I felt good for the Ducks, I really don't like the Senator's that much and it'll be worth it to see Stephen Harper wearing a Ducks jersey in Parliament.

Myspace.com is pretty cool, it's a fast and painless way to post songs and self-promote an otherwise unknown band. It's easy to use and the adding friends feature is a nice way of knowing someone might be looking at your site. When I have more time, I'll post some new songs and possibly works in progress on the Zamboni Joe myspace, to get some response from the millions (dozens?) that are reading.

A similar, but quite different social networking website is Facebook.com. The cool thing about Facebook is you can invite (or get invited by) friends and/or co-workers/classmates to join networks and in simple terms talk amongst yourselves. You write your personal profile and provide as much or little information that you want. You can control who sees your profile (only friends, only people on your network, or everyone) and with added applications you can add music, movie reviews, video, horoscopes, quizzes etc. The main highlight is the sharing of photos much like Flickr, where you can set up photo albums from events, family gatherings or random. You can also give status reports about what you are doing or thinking about at the time of posting. It's fun to search to see if you can seek out a lost love from High School or ex-co-workers or you can just browse for attractive people. So far it's a lot more fun and time consuming that I originally thought, it sometimes could be classified as "Too much information", but it'll allow me to post lots of photos from shows I've attended and events such as Folklorama.

If you're registered on Facebook and want to be my "friend" click my "add to friend" on my profile.

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Ok I did the facebook thing.