Tuesday, January 30, 2007

VisionTV Sucks!!!

As I was flipping channels, I stumbled upon the 1983 movie WarGames starring a pre-Ferris Bueller's Matthew Broderick as a young computer whiz kid who starts a countdown to World War 3 when he accidentally hacks into a secret super computer. Is it a game..or is it real? A movie that gives young viewer's a glimpse of how much computers have shrunk in size since the 80's.

I thought what the hell I should watch this, I've never really seen the whole thing, and the 2 hours won't kill me, yet it was pretty lame by today's "high standards". As this movie reached it's climax, as it counted down to mass destruction (missile attack), 4, 3, 2, 1...then the TV screen splits the screen in half. On the left side, it plays advertisements for this station's upcoming programs, much like when they show the credits at the end of movies on TV and they shrink the credits so you can't read them. On the right side of the screen, the movie played on...it seemed everyone was celebrating, but I couldn't completely tell because the audio was cut for the commercials. A minute later the screen returned to full size and the movie resumed. Celebration turned to panic when the computer tried to launch the missile's itself, but first it had to crack the military's 10 number code. It was another race against time as David (Broderick) played tic-tac-toe against the computer to confuse it into a draw...the final number was cracked by the computer, David typed something, then....ZING! The next program started! Emily Of New Moon, it was 10:00pm! They completely cut the film right at the most climatic point of this whole movie! I was outraged. It was like cutting off a hockey game in overtime with a team on a breakaway. I ran to the computer and fired off this actual e-mail to VisionTV.

subject: your station sucks!!!

Hey, what the hell happened to WAR GAMES!! During the climax of the movie (at the top of the hour) your crappy station CUT the end of the movie, not the credits but the CLIMAX of the movie. What type of two-bit, second rate station are you running...better stick to Sunday school programs instead of "real" movies!! Maybe if you guys didn't interrupt the program with SO many commercials you can show a WHOLE movie.

I have a vision your station won't last very long!

So long forever,
Your dissatisfied ex-viewer!!!

I know, I probably overreacted, but someone has to say something, I hate it when TV or radio stations take their audience for granted, does someone in Toronto flip a switch at the top of the hour or is everything automated? What's with this VisionTV anyways? According to their website, it's Canada's (and the World's) only multi-faith network, their "cornerstone" programs shown during prime-time focus on "spirituality" in it's broadest possible content, and their shows range from Neon Rider, Little House On The Prairie and for some reason, Party Of Five (a photo of Neve Campbell always makes me feel better).

I urge you to take action when you feel riped-off, this might be minor, but I'm pissed!! Ask VisionTV (audience@visiontv.ca) what happened to the end of WarGames, I bet they don't have a clue about what you're talking about.

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Jay said...

Yeah, we were flipping stations for a bit and saw that was on... fortunately, we didn't choose to watch it!